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Blog about SEO and SEA

My First Blog about SEO and SEA

Robert Wiebenga SEO
Hello everyone, my name is Robert Wiebenga. I was more or less by chance introduced to SEO, while making the website for my wife. She is also a visual artist and wanted to present her artwork to a broad public through her own website. When I read the single paragraph about SEO, available in my self-study handbook: “how to develop websites", I was sold to the subject of SEO immediately.

I started this blog to share my knowledge about SEO and related issues. With who? With everyone. I believe that by sharing, the knowledge of SEO will increase get more refined, and everyone is the wiser, including me.

Moreover, I also think that by sharing, the SEO field will become more transparent and accessible for many people moving on to the digital highway. Also the hint of negativity, which is somewhat related to SEO can be largely eliminated by open communication. I also try with my posts to help DIY’s in this area.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is intended to reach the widest possible interested public, on search engine portals like Google, Bing and Yahoo !, in an organic way (without ads). And dish up this interested audience what they are looking for. And hopefully are willing to buy from you.

The trade will increasingly shift from physical trading to internet trading. Who buys his books in a genuine bookstore these days. Just go to or if you are feeling lucky try E-bay for even cheaper alternatives... Offers are checked and compared on the Internet, before a foot is put. in a physical store and real purchase decisions are increasingly made in advance on the internet. Comparison Sites Rule nowadays.

The Sky is The Limit

This shift is not all doom and gloom, but also offers many new possibilities. Opportunities to bring your products to the attention of a much larger audience You can much better profile your products through various technical highlights on the Internet. Lower costs for storage and staff. Enter into direct competition with the big boys. Opportunities to give your store or product locally much more attention and create a much larger market than was previously possible. International trading is suddenly a lot closer. And so on...

Whoever plays smart, embraces the changes and uses the power of himself and the power of others on the internet. Creativity has been given a huge boost by portals like Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Stumble Upon and Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. People can share their ideas and creations in various ways and make them public to the world in very simple ways. Meanwhile, they can also make money from the traffic on their website, by placing advertising on their site and through smart affiliate partnerships. The Sky is the Limit.

The Sky is The Limit

That change provides opportunities to anyone who connects to the Internet with a website or a blog, to reach a growing audience of sympathetic buyers. But then you have to profile yourself in a good way, and the public should be able to find you of course.


There you touch the field of SEO and SEA. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank well in search engine results like Google, and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) to be somewhat more active in trying to pick up your potential customer. These areas have the last ten years only grown in size and importance in respect to regular marketing activities. Probably the budgets and applications of SEO and SEA will continue to grow for quite some time to come.

I often hear people say that it will not be so bad with this shift. I want to warn these people, not to confuse these signals with the aftermath of the global crisis. Above signals we have to see, in my opinion, as the effects of globalization and digitization of society, and not just a crisis that will pass again.

Entrepreneurs often underestimate the importance of SEO and SEA for their own company. "If I have a website and social media account, then they will find me.", I hear too often.

A lot of Sand
I compare it myself with a grain of sand in a huge desert. Your website is the grain of sand, you competition the desert. It is hard in such a desert, to give yourself and your product, the attention it deserves.

I hope this first post, made the importance of SEO and SEA a little clearer.In the future I will share more and more posts of this beautiful fields, on the dividing line between Marketing and Technology.

I will surely sometimes share things that will sound familiar to people who are already working with SEO and SEA, but for newcomers on the other hand might be a real eye-opener.

Feel free to comment on my posts, and if it deserves a response back, I will definitely do this. But I do not necessarily guarantee a timely response.

Robert Wiebenga


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